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Chile – on everyone’s lips

Enjoying a local dish in a local restaurant is one of an international tourist’s most desired travel experiences. For some years, Chile has rediscovered its traditional cuisine, making the national gastronomy a highlight of the Chile travel experience. Gastronomy and tourism increasingly go hand in hand and offer culinary experiences for the senses in which travelers discover the identity and peculiarities of a region in the taste and smell of its typical cuisine. Chile cuisine has a lot to offer guests to the country, spoiling them with delicious typical dishes. The cuisine is as diverse as the geographical conditions of this narrow country located between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. The Pacific provides a rich offer of seafood and fish of the highest quality, and the south boasts innumerable potato varieties as well as grilled lamb or beef as part of the traditional dishes. Tasty fruits from northern Chile and the avocado are also regular ingredients of Chilean cuisine. In the new season, we will be discovering the most delicious dishes of Chilean cuisine for you and presenting them in our upcoming newsletters.
One dish that every visitor to Chile must try is the delicious and classic Pastel de Jaiba, a crab casserole served in a well flavored cheese and white wine sauce in terracotta bowls. The dish originally comes from the capital, Santiago, whose fish market in the Mercado Central is ranked as one of the top ten in the world. The size of the seafood found there is quite surprising! You can also find it on most menus along the entire Chilean coast because of its popularity. Together with the national drink Pisco Sour, Pastel de Jaiba will melt on your tongue!

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