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Fiestas Patrias at travelArt

Each September, all of Chile goes slightly crazy: the national holidays, known as the “Fiestas Patrias,” are by far the most important holidays celebrated here. On September 18th (simply known as “the 18th”) Chileans commemorate the 1810 declaration of Chile’s autonomy from Spain, which heralded its coming independence. September 19th, the “Day of the Glorious Army” completes the holidays. Throughout September, Chilean flags wave from many buildings, and visitors can join in the traditional dancing, games, music and – most importantly – lots and lots of amazing food, wine and cocktails.
To get in the mood, the travelArt office took some hours off on Friday, the 15th September, to enjoy a barbecue at our patio, where we celebrated with typical tasty food such as “choripan” and “anticuchos”. The party provided a great opportunity to get know some of our “new colleagues” from Turavion, who came over to celebrate with us – a good way to start a close cooperation as partners!

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