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„Fiestas Patrias” – a cultural experience

Usually, on September 18th each year, Chileans intensely celebrate the “Fiestas Patrias”, the main civic celebration to commemorate their emancipation from the Spanish empire and rise of their Republics, which in Chile took place in 1810.

At ramadas and fondas, the festivity grounds, typical products are served such as empanadas (savoury filled pastries), anticuchos (meat skewers) and mote con huesillo, a dessert made with dried peaches and cooked wheat. Also traditional artistic spectacles are offered to the public.

Immerse yourself in the flair of this national celebration with the following video and experience Chile’s culture up close:

The national dance Cueca, a symbol of Chilean culture, cannot be missed during these festivities. In this couple dance, both dance partners move towards each other and in a semicircle around each other. Both hold a white handkerchief in their hands.

It is a dance of conquest and elegant flirting. Originally it is the representation of the energetic dance a rooster makes to courtship a hen. Presented in traditional folk garb, the man represents a countryside man “Huaso” while the countryside woman is nominated „china“.

Experience a Cueca dance performance of the national winners 2019:

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