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Our legal liability to the customer

As we are only the procurers of the travel services provided – which applies particularly to all transport by rail, car, bus, ship or airplane, and also to hotel accommodation etc – we accept no liability whatsoever. Each individual service provider is liable to the customer. Nor does travelArt accept liability for lost items. The customer is solely responsible for making use of the travel services offered. Should customers chose not to make use of travel services they have booked, they are not entitled to any refunds. We reserve the right to amend individual holiday services in a manner that customers can reasonably accept (for example, by changing hotel reservations, but keeping to the same category, or by slight amendments to travel routes). We also reserve the right to cancel holiday contracts prior to departure dates. In those cases, the customer is refunded the full price of the holiday. Unused services during a holiday are not refunded. We reserve the right to accept or decline contracts with customers, and also to decline customers’ inclusion on any given holiday. Customers are solely responsible for their luggage. The receipt and use of vouchers is understood as the customer’s agreement to the above conditions.

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