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Our latest product: Family trips to Patagonia

Are family trips to Patagonia possible?
travelArt owners Elke Hausdorf and Carsten Bengelsdorff had been asking themselves this question for a while, until now. They finally completed the ultimate test with their children, Amelie and Tom (7 and 10 years old). For three weeks, they travelled from Punta Arenas via Torres del Paine to the Perito Moreno Glacier, from el Chalten via Ruta 40 and Paso Robalo back to Chile, and then over the Carretera Austral up to Coyhaique – a real Overland Tour!

Of course, the travel programme was full of hiking, horse riding excursions, and boat and zodiac trips. They stayed overnight at a wide range of accommodations including Estancias, Lodges, and 5 star hotels – everything. The children were so enthusiastic: Patagonia is truly an adventure-filled playground! All their parents’ concerns and doubts went literally with the wind:
Might there be too much wind? (No, things fly interestingly with the wind, and gusts of wind don’t hit smaller people as hard as bigger ones). Bad weather (What is this? Adults get a bad temper on a zodiac tour in the rain, children just beg the captain to take on more curves in order to get even wetter). Bumpy roads (The wilder, the better!).

Family trips should be slow travel: stay at least two, or better, even three nights at each place. A varied travel programme is also important: wildlife watching, visits to estancias with sheep shearing shows, horse riding with real Gauchos and much more…
The result of our trip: YES, Patagonia is the ideal place for outdoor enthusiast families. It offers wilderness, solitude and adventure, and is at the same time a very safe destination.

We recommend doing such a trip with children from nine years on, so they can do longer day hikes or hikes from one mountain hut to the other, as at the Torres del Paine National Park.

If you are interested in adding a family overland trip to your catalogue or receiving options for a tailor-made family adventure, we now provide excellent first-hand information. Please ask your travelArt sales partner.

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