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New Tours in Santiago: Eat Like the Chileans!

One of the best ways to connect to a foreign culture is through the local food. We are happy to be able to offer you several new tours in Santiago for all tastes, to help you connect more closely to Chilean cuisine.

Our tour through some of the “Picadas” of Santiago is perfect for all who would like to look beyond so-called “high cuisine” and fancy restaurants, and want to know exactly what and where “Juanito Perez” (the Chilean “Joe Public”) likes to eat. Picadas are cookshops, where you can eat simple but tasty traditional dishes at prices that are affordable for everybody – it is almost like glimpsing into the kitchen of a Chilean housewife.

Another important piece of Chilean culture are the famous “Sanguches” (Burgers/Sandwiches). Chileans have developed many combinations during the last hundred years or more, such as the “Chacarero,” “Barros Jarpa” or “Churrasco Italiano” – all unbelievably tasty and rich in calories. Additionally, guests can take a “Sanguche” class and later surprise their own guests at home with a Chilean Burger. A delicious MUST for visitors interested in local food is, of course, a culinary tour relating to a traditional Chilean “Asado” (barbecue).

If you would like to include one of these or another appetizing tour for your clients, please ask your travelArt sales partner.

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