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New: Visit to the Cultural Park in Valparaíso

If you travel to Valparaíso, from now on you can also visit the city’s Cultural Park. It’s a place where young and old, but above all art lovers, meet in a relaxed atmosphere. However, more than 200 years ago, a very different atmosphere prevailed in this place. Originally, the site was set up to protect against possible attacks by the English during the Napoleonic Wars at the beginning of the 19th century. Witness to this time is the Powder Tower, “Polvorín”, which was built between 1807-1809 and could store up to 800 tons of gunpowder. The terrain was not occupied by the English; it was recently occupied by the artists of Valparaíso, after the area had served as a prison for approximately a century. Around the year 2000, many creative minds of the city began to use the prison’s premises for theater and dance performances, as well as sports activities. Thus the current cultural park gradually developed. The “Polvorín” was opened as a museum in 2012 and made accessible to the public.
If you would like to expand your travel program to include a visit to the Cultural Park in Valparaíso, please contact your travelArt representative.

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