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Chilean Cuisine Day 2019

Cuisine is part of a country’s culture and heritage, which is why Chile celebrates the Day of Chilean Cuisine every April 15th.
This date was set ten years ago to promote the local gastronomic culture.
Throughout Chile, this day is celebrated in public places with typical dishes and traditional tastes. This year, the focus was on Chilean bread, a food that plays a central part in every meal.
The so-called “marraqueta” is particularly popular. This typical South American bread is made in every traditional bakery and can be found on the tables of almost all Chileans, in addition to those in neighbouring countries such as Bolivia or Peru. It is made from white wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt and takes longer to ferment than other types of bread. It contains no fat and is distinguished by its special shape. This bread is usually eaten with butter, ham, cheese, or avocado – another delicacy.
The Chilean Cuisine Day was celebrated by all the regions of Chile, which organised many events, celebrations and initiatives related to the culinary arts.
Visitors should definitely try the “marraqueta” on their next trip through Chile!

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