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Chile celebrates “18”!

Around the national holiday on September 18th, there are celebrations everywhere in Chile. It’s impossible not to see the national dance ”Cueca” or typical holiday food such as empanadas, grilled meat, or wine and cocktails.

Here are some hints as where to spend the national holidays in Santiago:

Parque Intercomunal Alberto Hurtado

”Chilean week” Sept 13-22 every day, all day. Handicraft, rodeo and other horse-shows, folkloric dance, typical games, gastronomy, and more. Entrance fee: adults CLP 4000 and children CLP 2000.
Metro Bilbao+Taxi

Parque O’Higgins
Sept 17-22, daily from 10 am to 4 am. This is the official party; on Sept 19th the military parade will take place here. Live music, gastronomy, dance floors, and circus.
Metro Parque O’Higgins

Estadio Nacional
Sept 17-22, all day with folklore, entertainment program for children, gastronomy, “Cueca” contests, typical games, and more.
Metro Estadio Nacional

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