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Chile voted the best destination for 2018!

All of Chile, and of course travelArt, is extremely happy that Lonely Planet, one of the world’s most famous travel guides, has chosen Chile as the best travel destination for the year 2018. The uniqueness of the country, with its wide variety of different landscapes – from the desert in the north down to the glaciers in the south –, was particularly highlighted by the renowned travel guide. Santiago, the increasingly trendy capital, plus celebrations of the country’s 200 years of independence and new direct flights from London and Melbourne, have made Chile an even more attractive destination. We feel it is a great success that Chile is held in such high esteem, surpassing iconic countries such as New Zealand, China and South Africa, and is also the only South American country listed as a top 2018 destination by Lonely Planet. The following short videos by Lonely Planet author Mark Johanson promote some of the wonders Chile has to offer: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/video/lonely-planets-best-country-to-visit-in-2018/v/vid/532 

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