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Cajón del Maipo – year-round adventure at Santiago’s doorstep

If you like to take adventurous hiking or horse riding tours, see glaciers, bathe in natural hot springs and see wild, pristine landscapes, you have to travel all the way to Patagonia – no, wait, you don’t! All this can be found right at Santiago’s doorstep, in the Cajón del Maipo. This Andean Valley begins about 25km south of Santiago and extends over more than 70 km into the Andes Mountains. This place offers adventure for every wallet and every taste, from fit and sporty guests to those who like to feel more comfortable and tranquil.

A nice day trip from Santiago leads visitors to the small Cerro Morado National Park. At the end of this quite easy hike with a spectacular panorama, you will see the San Francisco Glacier, glimpse into its glacier mouth and even walk on it. For guests who like to go somewhere more remote and challenging, we recommend a trip to the lagoon with a hanging glacier. The lagoon is decorated with small, swimming icebergs year-round. Ambitious alpinists can do multi-day camping trips to the San José Volcano and its surroundings.

Sounds too challenging? The “Cajón” offer spectacular trips for everybody: relax in one of the natural and rustic hot springs or take a simple horse riding excursion to see the wonderful mountain scenery without breaking a sweat. In summer, the Maipo River is perfect for an exciting, yet safe rafting adventure. In winter, guests can go snowshoe hiking or skiing on little-known slopes.

If you would like to include some of these tours to the Cajón del Maipo in your Santiago programs, we will be happy to assist you. The Cajón del Maipo is especially accessible for guests with a rental car.

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