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Cable railway rides along the steep hillsides of Valparaíso

The Chilean port city of Valparaíso is not only known for the numerous graffiti by local, national and international artists that lines the streets of the higher level districts like a colourful painting, but also for being the city of funiculars. The first cable railway was built in 1883. Of the once 30 “ascensores” (elevators), as the inhabitants of Valparaíso call their cable cars, only 10 are still in operation, with some under repair.

For the locals, the funiculars continue to serve as important transport vehicles, connecting the high districts with the lower part of the city. The steepest elevator has a gradient of 70 degrees. The operation and maintenance of the five municipal elevators in operation result in a monthly deficit of several million pesos for the municipality.

Since May 2019, an increase in fares for foreign tourists is planned, with the exception of rides on the Concepción and Artillería cable railways that won’t be affected by this regulation. An increase in fares, accompanied by a planned modernisation, will allow the funiculars, which were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, to remain in good condition for residents and tourists.


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