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Chile as an ideal destination for bird watching

Due to its geographical and climatic diversity and its almost 500 different species of birds, Chile is one of the ideal destinations for bird watching enthusiasts.

From the borders of the Andean altiplano to the cold waters of the Beagle Channel in southern Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), you can encounter numerous species of birds. The country’s current 101 wildlife preserves are ideal for discovering rarer bird species more easily.

Lake Chungará in Lauca National Park in the heart of the Atacama Desert is very popular for spotting Andean gulls, Andean avocet, coots, and the beautiful pink flamingos that contribute to the charm of the landscape.

The central zone of Chile is characterized by valleys near the Andes and the coastal mountain range, where it is easy to spot different species of birds. It is also the home of the barn owl (lechuza blanca), which has adapted perfectly to the climate and geography.
The 20 wetlands in the Coquimbo region, including Changa Playa and Lagunillas in Guanaqueros, are ideal for observing and photographing various bird species.

Truly special experiences include sighting the beautiful Andean condor flying over the mountain range or observing the cute Humboldt penguins on the beach of Choros Island in the Humboldt Nature Reserve.

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