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Chilean Handicraft at the “La Moneda” Cultural Centre

travelArt has started a cooperation with the “Fundación Artesanías de Chile” (Chilean Handcraft Foundation”) in order to be able to offer encounters with Chilean artisans for your clients. At the “La Moneda” Cultural Centre, right underneath the Presidential Palace in the heart of Santiago, they will have the chance to meet a Chilean artisan who will introduce them to his world of art and teach interesting details about the artisan’s home region and the history of his art. Depending on the date of the visit, different artisans will be at the La Moneda Cultural Centre, invited by the foundation, to teach the basic steps of their handicraft to the tourists. For example, your clients can learn about the weaving techniques of the Mapuche, art made of corn leaves, ceramic or metal work. After a short introduction, guests may try for themselves and create their own unique Chilean souvenir. If you would like to include this encounter in your programme, please ask your travelArt sales executive.

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