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New cruise route in Patagonia

We are happy to announce a new and exclusive cruise route through the icy waters of Patagonia: the MV Via Australis will cruise for four days and three nights from/to Punta Arenas and offers two excursions to new destinations: the Almirantazgo Bay and the Parry Glacier. The Australis team made the nautical charts themselves and so these exciting new excursions are not visited by any other carriers. On the second day of the cruise, passengers may feel like real pioneers while on a small hiking tour along the coastline of Almirantazgo Bay before entering the native Patagonian forest. From there, the expedition will continue until they reach a waterfall fed directly by the glaciers of the Southern Ice Field. Passengers return to the bay via Zodiac boats so that they can observe beaver’s lodges, sea elephants, and cormorants in their natural habitat without disturbing them. On the afternoon of the same day, passengers will marvel at amphitheatre-like glaciers flowing down from the Darwin Mountains. The mighty Parry Glacier and its icy neighbours will leave your clients speechless!

Ainsworth Bay and Brooks Glacier are further highlights of this tour on the third day, followed by the penguin colony on Isla Magdalena on the fourth day before returning to Punta Arenas.

If you have any questions or if you would like to book this cruise for your clients, your travelArt sales partner will be happy to help you.

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