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Attractive Arica: historic train ride and carnival

Arica is known for its great year-round spring climate and the strong contrast between the Pacific Ocean and the desert. We have great news for train fans: the Arica-Poconchile train is back in operation after being out of service the past 20 years. Offering a tour full of historical values, the classic route in northern Chile has become the region’s new tourist attraction. The day trip from Arica to Poconchile and back takes about five hours, and there is one hour stop in the village of Poconchile.
Arica invites you to another highlight: the biggest carnival in Chile “Con la Fuerza del Sol” (with the force of the sun) taking place every year in January or February. It is a huge multicultural celebration where groups from Arica, Bolivia, Peru, and nearby African communities celebrate “their” carnival as one, dancing together for three days. Needless to say, many dancers undergo a long journey to participate and come from the remotest points of the Altiplano. For further information about Arica, its carnival or the train, please contact your travelArt agent.

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