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travelArt founders explore the most adventurous corners of the Atacama

When travelArt founders Elke Hausdorf and Carsten Bengelsdorff are in Chile, nothing keeps them long in the office. Having recently returned from their family trip to Patagonia, they travelled to the Atacama Desert in February intending to discover new, exciting hikes and excursions “off the beaten track” for your clients. Both are great fans of the Atacama. Every time they go, they are fascinated by the vast diversity of this area. They came back with many new ideas and tour versions: be it a hike on hidden parts of the Valle de la Luna, where guests will be completely alone; or a visit to the Geysers of Tatio, also including little-known hiking routes far from other tourists. They also tested more challenging tours for those clients who choose vacations based on hiking and trekking opportunities. The highlight of this trip was their ascent to the Toco Volcano, at 5,600 m above sea level.

San Pedro de Atacama and the Atacama Desert have gained so much fame among tourists recently that more are coming every year. We are now able to offer new and interesting versions of the Atacama tours for guests with a special interest in hiking and nature. There, you can feel the spirit of the Atacama Desert – and share it with almost nobody.

If you are interested in our Atacama tours or have further questions, your travelArt sales partner will be glad to help you.

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