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Salar de Huasco National Park

Travel Type: Nature
Duration: 1 Day

  • Tour Description
On this full-day excursion to the National Park Salar de Huasco you will have the opportunity to experience the north-Chilean highland off the beaten path and in its full beauty. Witness the overwhelming feeling of vastness and loneliness at an altitude of 3.800 m. above sea level and discover the fascinating animal life of this remote region. This excursion starts early in the morning when you leave Iquique and drive east towards the Altiplano, passing several archaeological sites which illustrate the region’s eventful past. Shortly after, you will arrive at the Salar de Huasco, a salt sea untouched by booming tourism, which is home to hundreds of flamingos. Several flat lagunas are surrounded by green-yellow vegetation, which provides food for the area lamas and vicuñas. After a picnic the trip continues to the Pica Oasis that is famous throughout the country for its fruit cultures. The typical products are mangos, oranges and, most importantly, the small, aromatic Pica lime, which is an important ingredient for the popular cocktail Pisco Sour. The excursion returns to Iquique in the early evening.

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