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“Red alert” at the Calbuco Volcano suspended

We would like to give you an update on the situation at the Calbuco Volcano, which had produced two violent eruptions one month ago. Meanwhile there are mainly good news:

At present there is only a light volcanic activity recorded at the Calbuco Volcano and it is still in decline. The “red alert” has been changed to “yellow alert” and the restricted area around the volcano has been reduced from a radius of 20km to only 10km.

Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt have not been affected and life goes on without any limitations. All flights operate normally and nearly all places of interest can be visited again.

The “Lake Crossing” excursion over the Todos Los Santos Lake will recommence its services on Friday, May 22nd 2015. Only the Saltos de Petrohue waterfalls are still closed to the public.

We will keep you informed about all changes of the situation at the Calbuco Volcano.

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