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Coronavirus COVID 19 in Chile

  • Starting on March 18, the borders of the country have been closed, both land, sea and air – for the transit of foreign people. This will not affect the entry and exit of cargo and personnel associated with that activity. Measure will be renewable according to need.
  • The National State of Catastrophe announced on March 18, including a daily nationwide curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., continues to be in effect.
  • From Sunday, March 15 to September of this year, cruises are prohibited from calling in all Chilean ports, a measure implemented by DIRECTMAR.
  • All public events with more than 50 people are prohibited until further notice.
  • Chile’s local health authorities have introduced a number of measures to limit the spread of the virus in the country. For example, compulsory quarantine has been imposed on some districts or cities in the country, including districts in Santiago. From 15 May 10 pm, a complete quarantine is in effect for the city of Santiago and 6 neighbouring districts. If a city or district is under quarantine, it is generally possible to leave your home for certain purposes (doctor’s visit, shopping, etc.) by applying online for “salvoconductos” (safe conduct).
  • In addition, as of Friday, May 15, all adults over 75 years of age must undergo mandatory quarantine.
  • Restaurants, malls, bars, shops and many hotels are currently closed along the country and currently only supermarkets, drugstores and petrol stations remain open. Schools, kindergardens and universities have been closed since 16th March.
  • The use of public transport within Chile is possible to a limited extent and from April 8, 2020, it is mandatory to use a face mask in all public or private paid transport until further notice.
  • Since 17 April, wearing a face mask has also been compulsory in lifts and public places (including supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels, health care facilities).

(Here you can download this information as a pdf file.)

Currently, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Chile is 362962 with 9745 deaths and 336330 recovered (as of 04.08.2020 / source).

For more information on Coronavirus COVID 19 in Chile, please visit the official website of the Chilean government (available in English).