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New National Park Planned for Tierra del Fuego

At the southernmost tip of Patagonia, on the Chilean side of the main island of Tierra del Fuego, the government has designated 1500 square kilometres as “Yendegaia National Park”. Located south of the Azopardo River and Fagnano Lake, this newly-protected area will provide yet another highlight for visitors to this dramatic area.
The name “Yendegaia”, meaning “deep bay”, comes from the language of the Yamana, the indigenous inhabitants of southern Tierra del Fuego. The unique landscape includes the estuary of the Stoppani Glacier, which flows from the Darwin Cordillera southward towards the Beagle Channel and so into the Yendegaia River. Ice, wind and water have created a wide valley and a marshy delta, home to a surprisingly diverse range of flora and fauna.
A large part of the area to be included in the national park had been owned by U.S. businessman Doug Tompkins and his wife, who donated their property to the Chilean government for the purpose. The necessary legal steps were completed in the beginning of January, with the site soon to be opened to the public.
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