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travelArt in the mood for the FIFA World Cup

The international travelArt team in our Santiago office has caught World Cup fever, finding itself cheering for the national teams of both Chile and Germany. On Monday, June 16, our German staff enjoyed pizza while watching the Germany-Portugal game on a widescreen TV in our office’s winter garden. The following Wednesday, the Chilean staff cheered on their team while snacking on hot dogs on our office’s sunny terrace. We’re sure that the two goals scored by the Chilean team, also known as “La Roja”, were without a doubt entirely due to the enthusiasm of our employees! During each match our fans wore their team’s jerseys and brought along an assortment of good-luck talismans, including, for the Chile game, an impressive three-legged earthenware lucky pig. Although Chile has since bowed out, we’re very proud of their amazing effort in the tournament – and we continue to wish Germany luck and success in its coming matches.

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