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Enchanting Wine Experience: Bodegas RE

We are happy to recommend a very special wine experience in the beautiful Casablanca Valley: Soledad, our Sales Team Leader, visited “Bodegas RE” in June during a day trip with USTOA (United States Tourism Operator Association) President and CEO Terry Dale and came back quite enthusiastic!
This family-run boutique winery combines traditional, almost forgotten techniques of wine-making with the latest findings in modern enology – and the wine production is limited and exclusive.
The wine is stored “the old way” in so-called “Tinajas”, enormous barrels made of clay. This way, the wine can mature without receiving any additional flavours from wood, as it would when maturing in normal barrels. The result is a very pure wine, tasting only of – wine – a very rare thing to find nowadays. Therefore, Bodegas RE is the perfect place to visit for guests who would like to see a winery with “that certain something”. High quality oils and liquors are produced here in addition to the very special wines. If you would like to include Bodegas RE in one of your programs, your travelArt sales partner will be happy to help you.

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