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Tapati Festival at Easter Island

Soon it will be that time again on Rapa Nui: from January 27th to February 12th, the island goes wild, celebrating the arrival of the first Polynesian settlers. During these two weeks, the old traditions are revived, and visitors can immerse themselves in a magical, exotic world. The festival focuses on competitions that are held in about 40 disciplines, with the whole island cheering on. Reminiscent of the hard life of the early islanders, the competitions include canoe-building, swimming, running, rowing, sailing, and even downhill-sliding on banana trees. The cultural side is not overlooked, with poetry competitions also choir and dance contests; there’s music and dancing for everyone, and, of course, the obligatory body painting. The highlight of the festival is the election of an island queen and a festive procession. Tourists are welcome to join in the Pacific’s biggest party, a tradition for 40 years running, and to celebrate, dance and catch some of the unique magic – an unforgettable experience!
Demand for hotel rooms during these dates is extremely high; visitors interested in experiencing the Tapati Festival should therefore already be planning their stay for 2018. Your travelArt sales representative will be happy to provide additional information and arrange booking.

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