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Punta Arenas on the Traces of the Seafarers

Cape Horn was once the nightmare of the seafarers and the southern passage turned into the source of countless legends and cock-and-bull-stories. During this exciting city tour your clients will discover Punta Arenas “on the traces of the seafarers” and learn a lot about the seafaring history of southern Chile.
Punta Arenas is the capital of the Magellan region and has 150,000 inhabitants. Due to its advantageous location on the Magellan Strait, the city once enjoyed tremendous economic success and still continues to be used by merchant ships.
The museum ship “Nao Victoria”, a full-scale reconstruction of the the famous ship on which Magellan circumnavigated the world, is a highlight of the tour. Here, guests can feel like a real seafarer and explore the whole ship: The captain’s chamber, the crew deck, and the dim storage areas of the ship’s hold. Taking the tiller is more than welcome! The tour continues with a visit of the Punta Arenas cemetery, whose impressive tombs make it Chile’s most beautiful final resting place. Then the guests drive to an elevated viewpoint, where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the Magellan Strait. Back down in the city, at the main square “Plaza de Armas” the 19th century magnificent homes of the great estate owners recall the fabulous wealth the city once enjoyed. A statue honouring Magellan in the middle of the town square welcomes them. The guide also takes them to the Palacio Sara Braun, the most beautiful building at the Plaza, which today houses the Hotel José Nogueira. To round off the tour, a cocktail is waiting at the historic “Shackleton Bar” with its great ambience.

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