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New Product: Ancestral Patagonia up close

Starting this season, we can offer your guests a very special Patagonian experience: an innovative dinner show close to Puerto Natales. Guests will be immersed in the exciting world of pre-Colombian Patagonia, when the Selk’nam people wrested their living from this rather hostile environment.
The “Ancestros Patagonia” Dinner Show tells the history of survival in ancient Patagonia with an enchanting dance performance that presents this lost culture in a modern way. At the same time, guests enjoy a dinner of local specialties prepared “the ancient way,” just as the Selk’nam may have done with the available resources of the time. Arrowheads, bone tools and shells serve as cutlery, stone plates and large snails as cups cater for authenticity and entertainment.
We recommend this evening excursion for guests who are interested in local culture and history, and are curious to experience new things.
If you would like to book this special experience for your clients, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your travelArt contact.

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