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New Chile Travel App for Smart Phones

App Chile Travel

Sernatur, the Chilean tourism board, has released a smart phone app that promises to provide timely assistance for visitors to Chile. The app, meant to be used while tourists travel through the country, contains information on local places of interest, public transit, and much more. Using the build-in map and GPS, travellers can quickly calculate the distances to various points of interest from their current location, making it easier to devise spontaneous trips. The app also includes a calendar of events, cultural and archaeological information, embassy contact info, and a direct phone link to police and fire-fighters.

The free app, called “Chile Travel,” can be downloaded for Android (46.3 MB) and iOS (51.5 MB). It has both English- and Spanish-language versions; currently, the English version is not quite as comprehensive as the Spanish, but it is receiving regular updates and development.

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