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Patagonia up close in Parque Étnico Keu Ken

Walking in all kinds of weather through the new theme park “Parque Étnico Keu Ken”, passengers can now get a good idea of how hard the life must have been for Patagonian indigenous people. In this park south of Punta Arenas a path leads through the Patagonian vastness past 18 different stations that show the way of life and housing of indigenous people. A local guide explains the old culture, hunting methods, traditions and customs while the visitors are exposed to the unique Patagonian climate at all times. Despite the modern day clothes one has available nowadays this excursion gives realistic impression of the former living conditions of how the people once lived.
The visit lasts around 2 hours depending on the interests and fitness of the visitors. The round walk leads over paths that are without asphalt and that include some inclination. It is most suitable for groups that are keen to hike and interested in local culture. In order to book this Patagonian experience please get in touch with your travelArt sales partner.

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