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New: Dance Cueca like the Chileans

For those who want a truly authentic cultural experience, we are now offer a great experience: “Cueca Brava” dance like the Chileans. The national dance “Cueca” is a kind of ´´where the man tries to win the heart of the woman by his impressive dancing´´. The dance which men and woman circle around each other in a flirtatious manner, this is done by flagging a white handkerchief around. The dance follows a sequence of the music, which Chileans learn from childhood. “Cueca Brava” is a special variant, a freer, popular style. In the special local “La Chimenea”, which is very popular with locals, your guests can learn the art of “Cueca Brava”. The lessons are combined with traditional Chilean snacks or a multi-course dinner. Afterwards, the guests can let the evening end in the traditional restaurant and with other guests’ converse or even dance together.
If you would like to include this experience in one of your travels, please contact your travelArtist.

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