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The Pioneer Museum in Petrohué

Immerse yourself in the world of the explorers, adventurers and researchers who dedicated themselves to the development of wild Patagonia: the Pioneer Museum (“Museo Pioneros”) tells the tale of the region’s history, from the very first settlers, who came to Patagonia more than 14,000 years ago, to the more-recently arrived Santiago Roth, who arrived with his family in 1866.
“Are you a pioneer?” The museum starts out with an exploration of the pioneers’ motives for coming and the difficulties they faced. Archaeological findings introduce visitors to the first settlers, outlining their hunting system, medical care, and societal organization. Another area is dedicated to the fabled Patagonian imperial city, supposedly built of gold and diamonds, which the Jesuit priest Nicolás Mascardi searched for in the 17th Century.
It’s exciting to read the stories of Charles Darwin, who visited the area while voyaging on the expedition ship Beagle, gathering evidence for his future theory of evolution. Interesting also are the stories of the discovery of the shell of the glyptodon, a giant pre-historic armadillo, found by the palaeontologist Santiago Roth. The development of the commercial link between Bariloche in Argentina and Puerto Montt in Chile is described, together with the legend of a 10 km-long cable car transport.
All exhibition descriptions are in both Spanish and English, and audio guides are available. For more information about this impressive museum, please contact your travelArt sales agent.

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