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Following in the Footsteps of the Mapuche in the foothills of the Andes

The Araucanía region near Pucón remains home to many of the indigenous Mapuche people who once inhabited large parts of southern Chile. Visitors to the area who are interested in learning about different cultures can take advantage of this fact with a stay in a Pewenche Ruca, the traditional living structure of the Mapuche. This experience offers plenty of opportunities to learn firsthand about the Mapuche’s customs and history, to get to know their culture’s philosophies and worldview, and to enjoy typical Mapuche cuisine – all while enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Araucanía offers an almost endless list of outdoor activities in the beautiful landscape of forests, lakes, rivers and volcanoes that extends from Pucón towards the Andes. One of these volcanoes is Sollipulli, a popular ski resort, with a crater covered by a glacier that’s 6km wide and 600m deep. Nearby lies Huesquefilo Lagoon, surrounded by an ancient Araucaria forest, which offers photogenic views up to Sollipulli’s snowy peak. A perfect hike takes visitors from the town of Melipeuco southward toward Sollipulli, through lush meadows and shady forests, up to the higher ground with its pines and Coigüe trees, where a memorable view awaits – one the Mapuche have been appreciating for centuries.

If you have any questions about the Araucanía Region’s many unique programme options and destinations, please don’t hesitate to contact your travelArt sales representative.

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