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Majestic Condors in Patagonia


Condors are one of the heraldic animals of Chile, and seeing them in their natural habitat is a truly unforgettable experience. On this fascinating excursion for nature lovers, guests can follow the traces of the condors in Patagonia. Passengers start the excursion by travelling around 100 km to Estancia Olga Teresa, stopping on the road to view guanacos, ñandues, flamingos and occasionally foxes and skunks. Within the fields of the Estancia there is a little hill called Cerro Palomares, whose slopes shelters a condor’s colony. There you can watch adult specimens, both males and females, and also young condors. The latter have grayish brown plumage, unlike the adult condors, who have black feathers. Male condors are known for having a red crest and a white collar on the neck. Arrival by bus to the base of the hill. After a 10 minute walk, passengers reach an ascent which is close to where the condors are.
The condors are usually found resting or flying around the hill. There have been up to 70 condors flying simultaneously. Large numbers of other bird species can be found such as gulls, owls or caiquenes (wild geese), thrushes, eagles, etc. Occasionally, even guanacos can be seen around.
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