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Hacienda El Huique Museum, in the Colchagua Valley

Rebuilt after the destruction of the 2010 earthquake, the Hacienda San José del Carmen de El Huique Museum, located in the Colchagua Valley near Santa Cruz, has recently re-opened to visitors.

The hacienda, which dates to the mid-19th Century, was home of Federico Errázuriz Echaurren, president of Chile from 1896 to 1901. In 1971, a few years after the death of his daughter, the hacienda was handed over to the state by her heirs. It was very important to the family that the spirit of the hacienda remain preserved, and it continued, as a National Historic Monument, to be run as a museum and guesthouse. In 2010, it was unfortunately badly damaged by the severe earthquake which shook all of Chile, as it was very close to the epicentre. This past January, however, the museum was re-inaugurated by former President Sebastian Piñera, and in March it re-opened its doors to visitors as an outstanding venue for over 200 years of history, featuring many works of craftsmanship and art.

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