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Springtime in Chile: Time for travelArt Guide Seminars

With the 2013-14 season quickly approaching, we recently held our traditional travelArt tour guide seminars in Santiago, the Lake District and Patagonia. The success of a travel expedition often depends on the quality of the guide, and while our tour guides supply their own contagious enthusiasm, we place the highest priority on concrete preparation to help them better understand our customers’ needs and goals.
Nearly 50 guides attended this year’s meetings, which featured the introduction of our fully-revised tour manual. This comprehensive handbook serves not only as a reference for the daily work of a travelArt guide, but also as an indispensible tool for a journey’s preparation and post-processing. It includes operational expectations and guidelines for a wide range of special situations, including sudden force majeure programme changes, using concrete examples and their solutions described in detail.
In addition to reviewing the manual, the seminars utilized the vast experience of many of travelArt’s longtime guides, whose insights were invaluable for our newer generation of guides. The free-flow of questions, suggestions, hypotheticals, and solutions deepened our close relationship with our guides, and, when combined with the manual, will pay off in coming months with even higher levels of customer service and satisfaction. Thanks to our seminars, all of our guides are well-prepared and looking forward to the new season!

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