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A memorable Patagonian photo tour

This past April, travelArt organized a special photo expedition for a well-known operator specializing in photography tours. Journeying through Patagonia, our group of 9 fortunate participants were guided by the wildlife and nature photographer Gunther Wegner, and were able to take incredible shots of Patagonia’s famously-beautiful terrain, including panoramic and time-lapse photos.

The group started in Argentina, from whence they travelled straight across the border to Torres del Paine National Park. Here they captured the breathtaking landscapes of the park, with its waterfalls, mountains, and of course the classic silhouettes of the Torres del Paine peaks themselves. With careful planning, in fact, the group was able to take some incredible photos of the Torres just as they were illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun – a truly unique experience! Additionally, amidst hikes and boat rides, the group took great shots of the night-time star-lit skies, the blue-grey ice walls of Grey Glacier, and the park’s guanacos, flamingos, and great condors.

Following Torres del Paine, travelArt’s programme took the group further south, where the next highlight was waiting: whale-watching in the Straits of Magellan. Shortly after the group set out into the water, the first whales were spotted – sei and humpback whales, calmly swimming, spouting, and flipping their tales while the group took amazing pictures. During the day, there were plenty of photographic opportunities to be had of penguins, sea lions and other marine life, as well.

The group returned to Germany with great memories and wonderful, professional-quality photos, many of which they shared with us. No doubt, these photos definitely make you want to plan your next trip to Chile! Contact your travelArt sales representative today if you’d like to arrange a photo tour to Patagonia or to any of Chile’s many unique geographic environments.

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