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Inspection Trip to Santa Cruz

Last weekend, several travelArtists travelled to Santa Cruz, located about two-and-a-half hours south of Santiago in the wine-growing Colchagua Valley, in order to deepen our contact with service providers and to check product quality. Upon arrival, the travelArtists first inspected the Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, including its extensive grounds – which house two museums and a casino – and the guest rooms. Next, they went to the Santa Cruz Winery for a tour of the vineyards and wine cellar. This was followed by a trip on the winery’s cable car to a lookout point, where example dwellings from all over Chile have been constructed, including a Mapuche Ruca, a typical Aymara house with real llamas, and a small Rapa Nui museum. Following a typical local lunch, the travelArtists continued on to the Automobile Museum, which features, among other vehicles, the oldest car in Chile and the car from the film “Back to the Future.” The group returned to Santiago after a full day of insight and entertainment – and they’re now ready to answer any questions you might have about Santa Cruz and the idyllic Colchagua Valley! Here are some pictures of the trip.

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