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New Ferry Boat between Caleta Tortel and Puerto Natales

For the first time in history there is a ferry connection between the end of the Carretera Austral and Puerto Natales in Patagonia. Until now, travelling from the Carretera Austral to South Patagonia was only possible with wide detours over Argentina. The passage starts in Puerto Yungay, close to Caleta Tortel, where after two hours the first stop takes place. Caleta Tortel would be the most suitable starting point for tourists. Another stop is in Puerto Eden, where the successors of the Kaweskar people live today. On this journey through the remote canals of Patagonia you can experience a country that could not be any more original and beautiful. For the natives of the region, this new connection is a long hoped for progress that gets them much closer to the other Chileans.

The ferry has a capacity for 100 passengers and transport goods. It will run once a week from December to January and three times a month between March and November. The pure time of travel is 41 hours. However, due to a stop, the journey will last 44 hours. If you require further information or want to reserve the ferry for passengers searching for an extraordinary adventure, your travelArt contact is happy to assist you.

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