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Most Pristine Nature in the Lakes Region: Parque Tagua Tagua

Travelers who prefer to experience nature in places with few other tourists will surely fall in love with Parque Tagua Tagua. This private 3,000ha park lies well-hidden between the Hornopirén National Park and the Rio Puelo, about 145km southeast of Puerto Varas. Those who undertake the rather complex journey will be rewarded with turquoise lakes, waterfalls, incredibly dense greenery, and manifold fauna. With a little luck, hikers may even glimpse a rare Pudú, a tiny endemic deer. Time disappears in this forest, and the simple fact of being among the abundant wildlife feels like sheer luxury. There are 18km of hiking trails to make you forget the rest of the world. The park also offers an information centre and two simple huts for accommodation with self-catering. Additionally, a simple but cosy lodge is located right in front of the park. It offers spacious rooms, hot tubs, a fireplace and restaurant, as well as some modern comforts like TV and internet for those who do not want to be completely isolated from the outside world. Guests may explore the hiking trails by themselves or with an experienced ranger, by foot or on horseback. There are rental kayaks to explore the lakes as well.

If you have adventurous clients who would enjoy a several-day tour to Parque Tagua Tagua, please contact your travelArt sales partner.

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