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New: Partnership with Vineyard Doña Javiera

We invite your guests to explore our new partner winery “Doña Javiera”.
Beautiful and traditional, this family-run winery “Doña Javiera” is located about 45 kilometers south of Santiago. During the guided tour, guests will have an insight into a wine cellar from the 18th century and get to know the story behind such a historical treasure. The Plaza Mayor del Torreón is the location where a historical water fountain is part of the story of this beautiful estate. There is a lot to be discovered during this excursion. Continuing along in the vineyard and the park of the manor house a truly relaxing yet informative experience. After a visit to another wine cellar, take a walk to a lookout point on hill nearby to enjoy the view of the Valley. Saving the best for last then it is time for a delicious tasting of the traditional made wines that Chile is internationally famous for.

If you would like to include this winery in your programs, please contact your travelArtist.

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