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A new funicular elevator project for Valparaíso

Valparaíso will get a new funicular elevator, which will be 8.5 km long and located at “Cerro Las Cañas.” It will have six stations connecting different hills in order to carry both locals and tourists to the highest neighbourhoods of the town.

This will be the first new funicular elevator built in more than 80 years. The last one, called “Van Buren,” was inaugurated in 1932. During the following decades, more and more elevators have been shut down, and now only 9 are left of the initial 32. The new elevator will mainly benefit inhabitants of the higher neighbourhoods, since they will no longer need to depend on “colectivos” (shared taxis) in order to live their daily life.

In addition to the “Cerro Las Cañas” elevator, which should be ready by 2018, two more new funicular elevators are planned. This new generation of elevators comes with a technical innovation: the rails will feature an integrated pipeline which can support fire-fighting operations and prevent large fires from spreading.

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