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Our Head of Sales Soledad Schilling was invited to experience the marvels of Patagonia Park. Located in the South of Chile in the 11th Region of Aysen part of Carretera Austral, and close to Paso Roballos which also makes it perfect if wanting to combine in a program to Argentina. A pristine park where nature is full of life. Soledad had the pleasure to experience this wonderful location first hand. The park itself has a total of 236 000 hectares where hills, rivers, lakes and beautiful wildlife can be found. The lodge Valle Chacabuco is well made and charmingly designed from natural local materials, in total 10 cozy rooms distributed between two buildings. The restaurant has a traditional seasonal menu that is supplied by fresh produce grown within the park itself.  This impressive park offers plenty of activities to indulge in, such as; trekking paths to explore, mountain biking, fly fishing, bird watching, and even excursions by boat. Wildlife is thriving in this natural habitat with luck animals like the puma, guanaco, flamingo, Chilean deer are just a few to mention among the list of what inhabits this nature filled park. A truly special place for nature lovers wanting to enjoy Carretera Austral, self-drive and even small groups!

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