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Making “Curanto” – Experience a Genuine Chiloe Tradition

In December, Chiloé was listed on the Travel+Leisure list of the 50 best destinations to visit in 2016 – we could not agree more and are happy to present you with a new, exciting excursion to this wonderful island:
At special occasions, the people of Chiloé (“Chilotes”) like to celebrate with a typical “Curanto”: a rich meal of seafood, fish, a variety of meats and, of course, Chiloé potatoes, all cooked in an earth oven. During this entertaining excursion, guests will be deeply immersed in the island’s culture and will learn how to prepare a Curanto from a local family. Fires will be lit upon arrival, and then they can help prepare the ingredients for the Curanto. Once everything is covered up with earth and big leaves, those guests who like, can learn to prepare “Milcao”, a typical regional snack made from potatoes, and have a tasty pisco sour. Who feels adventurous, can also explore the surroundings on small hiking paths while awaiting the great event: uncovering the curanto and – of course – eating it!
If you would like to include this culinary encounter with local culture into one of your programs, please ask your travelArt sales partner.

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