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travelArtist Inspection Trip to Patagonia / Cruceros Australis

The “travelArtists” Andrea Pietsch and Soledad Schilling spent six days in and around Punta Arenas in Patagonia to try out new locations, activities, and properties, and verify the quality of existing ones.
The highlight of the inspection tour was Cruceros Australis’ new cruise route from/to Punta Arenas. This 4-day journey along Tierra del Fuego’s Cordillera Darwin leads past many spectacular glaciers, and includes two daily shore excursions, which are led by guides who lecture on the surrounding natural environment. One memorable hike lead through native Patagonian forest to a spot immediately in front of the majestic Águila Glacier, where our travelArtists were able to appreciate the true power of nature. This cruise is also perfect for bird watching: sea birds can be viewed along the entire route, and Andrea Pietsch and Soledad Schilling particularly enjoyed their visit to the penguins on Isla Magdalena. With all this, plus the sea lions at beautiful Bahía Ainsworth and dolphins swimming through the cold water, the cruise offered endless opportunities for photography. Click here to see a few of their shots.
The travelArtists also visited many hotels and restaurants in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park. Among others, they checked out the new Awasi Patagonia, which we reported on in our July newsletter. Upon their return to Santiago, they shared their impressions and feedback with our other travelArtists, who are now well-prepared to answer any of your questions about travel in Patagonia. Contact your travelArt sales representative today!

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