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travelArt Introduces New Regional & City Handbooks for Visitors

travelArt is proud to introduce a new optional addition to our welcome package for visitors to Chile: a convenient series of guide booklets “by travelArt”. Based on our popular City Info helpers, these booklets include city street maps highlighting the locations of tourist attractions, museums, cafes, and shopping facilities, along with a short description of each one, including operating hours, addresses, and phone numbers. We’ve packed them full of our many years of insight into the most captivating areas in Chile, and have designed them to be practical for quick, on-the-go reference for both first-time and return visitors staying in a city or region for a couple of days or more.
The series currently includes:
• Northern Chile by travelArt
• Santiago by travelArt
• Valparaíso & Viña del Mar by travelArt
• Lakes Region & Chiloé Island by travelArt
• Patagonia by travelArt
• Easter Island by travelArt

The booklets also include information on post offices, supermarkets, money exchange offices, banks and hospitals, as well as reliable taxi services and police and emergency numbers.
These guidebooks will encourage individual travellers to explore spontaneously and at their own pace, with the confidence that they have quick and convenient access to the best travel advice available. They form a perfect compliment to our existing welcome kit, which also includes a trip evaluation questionnaire, a Chile informational brochure, and a map of the country (which includes a Santiago street map) – all in a handy, weatherproof case.

If you’d like to include one or more in your clients’ welcome package, or have questions about the package itself, please contact your travelArt sales representative.

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