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Chile – attractive for bike tourism

A ‘Cycling About’ magazine survey rated Chile as the most attractive destination for bike tourism worldwide, just before USA and Argentina. The Chilean landscape is full of diversity, from its lush green forests and majestic lakes, to its snowcap Andean mountains and arid deserts and has a lot to offer for bike fans. Southern Chile with the Lake Region, Carretera Austral and Patagonia is most suitable for multiday tours.

TravelArt was ahead of the times when we pioneered the bike tours in the Lake Region during the 90’s, and we are excited about the international trend towards multi day bike excursions now reaching Chile. At the moment, we are in the planning stage of a project to offer tours with e-bikes in selected regions, thereby opening the activity to a broader public. If you are interested in this topic, please contact info@travelart.com.

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