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The Bocanáriz Wine Bar, in Lastarria, Santiago

Bocanáriz, a meeting point for lovers of Chilean wine, is located in the heart of one of the prettiest neighbourhoods of Santiago, Lastarria. This outstanding wine bar, housed in a fashionably-converted older property, offers a selection of over 300 different wines, accompanied by a full menu of delicious appetizers, main courses and a range of cheese platters. Once a month, Bocanáriz presents live music to accompany wine experts from MOVI, a group of independent wine connoisseurs, who delight in discussing the spirit, history and mysteries of Chilean wine. Any night of the week, though, Bocanáriz is a memorable dinner destination in Santiago, reflected in its top-five ranking on Tripadvisor.com. In addition, the restaurant hosts a shop with a selection of teas, premium coffees and olive oil, plus books, wine guides, and wine accessories.
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