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New Visitor Centre at Cerros Pintados Geoglyphs

The giant Cerros Pintados Geoglyphs, one of Chile’s premier archaeological sites, and an outstanding example of ancient rock art, is the site of a new visitors’ centre and museum.
The geoglyphs, consisting of about 400 figures carved into the hillsides in thematic groups or panels, are situated in the southern part of Pampa de Tamarugal Natural Reserve, about 95 km south of Iquique. The largest concentration of rock art in the region, the geoglyphs were created in pre-Colombian times by the piling-up of material, mosaic-style, or by scraping away the top layers of soil, or through a combination of the two techniques.
The new visitor centre has been constructed partly underground, blending in with the surroundings and putting the focus where it belongs – on the geoglyphs themselves. A nature trail of about a kilometre leads along the base of the geoglyphs, with three picnic areas allowing visitors to rest and enjoy the view of the massive rock carvings.
The visitor centre is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 17:30 hrs. For a wide range of detailed information about attractions in and around Iquique, please contact your travelArt sales representative.

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