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Chilean Cuisine Special: Asado Patagónico

It’s now autumn in Chile and nothing is better on these shorter and darker days than truly tasty food. Chileans in each region of this long country have their own preferences and traditions and we would like to show you some in this and the following newsletters. Since our team recently went to Patagonia, let’s start with our southernmost region: THE local specialty is “Asado Patagónico” (“Patagonian Barbecue”) and everyone travelling to this wild territory should try it at least once.
Large flocks of sheep mark the landscape between Punta Arenas and the Torres del Paine National Park. Sheep farming has a long tradition here and so “Asado Patagónico” obviously means… delicious local lamb meat.
In this type of grilling a whole, eviscerated lamb is clamped by all four limbs to a metal frame and then placed over a fire with a low flame. The meat is roasted that way for several hours, and the smoke provides a very special aroma. To make it even tastier, it is frequently dabbed with a broth made from herbs and garlic. An “Asado Patagónico” is usually accompanied with potatoes, “pebre” and salads. It is most fun when waiting around the fire singing and with good company!
If you would like to include an “Asado Patagónico” in your programs, your travelArt sales partner will be happy to help you.

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