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History and Culture in a Small Space: “Alhue Lahuen” Ecological Centre and Santa Rita Winery

We are happy to offer a new, very informative excursion from Santiago, which combines two marvellous destinations and introduces guests to all the climatic zones and indigenous cultures of Chile:
The small “Centro Ecológico Alhue Lahuen” in Buin, south of Santiago, invites you to a didactic stroll through the different zones of Chile. The centre has been built over the years by a local family in order to teach school classes from Santiago about their country. Almost all of Chile’s endemic plants can be found here. Sra. Violeta, the owner and guide, has a passion for Chilean flora and explains everything with enthusiasm. It’s not only about the plants: other highlights include the houses and ceremonial huts of the different indigenous people, some of which are very true to the original. Additionally, sculptures and other artwork from the various cultures help to explain their belief systems. All have been built with the help of local artists; in particular, a Mapuche sculptor dedicated to teaching the different Chilean indigenous cultures and ways of life.
After visiting Alhue Lahuen, the tour continues to the beautiful nearby Santa Rita winery. Here guests can have a typical Chilean lunch and then take part in an interesting wine tour with degustation in a wonderful atmosphere. A special plus at the Santa Rita winery is the “Museo Andino” museum, featuring large private collections of artwork from different epochs and indigenous people. With real antiques and masterpieces from the whole of Chile and the Incan empire, the museum is a perfect way to follow up your day at Alhue Lahuen.
If you would like to include this beautiful day trip into one of your programs, your travelArt sales partner will be happy to help you.
Both parts can be done separately as a half day excursion, although we recommend the combination.

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