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Active Excursions in the Lakes Region

The Lakes Region of Chile – including Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, and the gorgeous surrounding countryside – is filled with countless opportunities for nature-focused adventure travel. Here are a couple of examples:

The Petrohué River, which flows from Todos Los Santos Lake to the sea, is a perfect spot for a soft-adventure expedition. The crystal-clear water, which gushes through a bed of volcanic rock, is relatively warm, at about 18 °C. On a five-hour kayak trip, visitors can paddle a 30-km stretch of the river toward its mouth in Reloncaví Fjord. Stretches of rapids offer a excitement, and a dip into some convenient riverside hot springs at the end of the paddle ensures a relaxing conclusion.

A little further south, just off the port city of Puerto Montt, lies Tenglo Island, which can be explored at a somewhat easier pace. In the half-hour boat crossing to the island, sea lions and dolphins can be often be glimpsed. The inviting beaches of Tenglo offer wonderful views of Reloncaví Sound, Tenglo Channel and the mainland waterfront, and, in good weather, distant snow-capped volcanoes. This green island offers a peaceful, quiet interlude away from lively Puerto Montt; it’s the perfect half-day trip for nature lovers with limited time.

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